Touch Bar Support Comes to Office for Mac

mac book pro touch barMac Book Pro with Touch Bar is the latest innovation from Apple.

The Touch Bar is a smooth strip residing just above the keyboard, replacing the function keys.

The Touch Bar reacts to the program currently being used, offering the most commonly used features on a touch sensitive screen.

Over the course of a day, users can save measurable time on repetitive tasks by having them placed within easy reach on the keyboard.

Originally, the Touch Bar was only effective on Apple products, since they were the only programs designed to integrate it.

However, starting in October, 2016, Office for Mac has offered Touch Bar support, and its impact on functionality has been substantial.

Integrates with Microsoft Office

For example, in Word, you can now dismiss all of the on-screen ribbons so you have only your work in front of you. But what if you need functions from those ribbons? The most common are now on the Touch Bar, allowing you to change styles, insert images, add comments, create hyperlinks and more.

In PowerPoint, all of the graphical layers of a slide are laid out on the Touch Bar for instant selection. Sliding your finger across the Bar will rotate the selected element. In Slideshow View, the Touch Bar changes to display slide thumbnails and a timer.

Excel offers quick access to graphical elements such as borders, cell colors and recommended charts to help you quickly present your data in a clear and effective format. However, put an equal sign inside a cell, and the Touch Bar changes to offer common Excel functions.

As you can see, Touch Bar doesn’t just react to the current program. It also reacts to specific actions being taken within a program, always offering the most helpful options no matter what it is you’re doing.

Time is lost every time you take your fingers away from the keyboard to use a touch pad or mouse. By putting more functions on the keyboard, users can work uninterrupted, reacting to intuitive shortcuts being offered by the Touch Bar. It’s a potentially game-changing feature for Apple, and now those features are available in Office for Mac, putting your projects more firmly in your hands.

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