The CMIT Special Sauce

What Makes CMIT Different?

What makes us different than most IT Service Providers is that we offer total outsourced technology management.  If it beeps, blinks, has a power cord or lives in the internet, its on our radar.

Besides your servers, network, desktops and laptops, we worry about the other pieces of technology.  If we can’t manage it directly we will manage the vendor that does.  Phone systems, your internet provider, web site host, email solutions, line of business applications, hosted applications, cloud storage, home equipment, BYOD, the list goes on and on.

The other critical component is you and your employees — the “end users” of technology. We consider your productivity the ultimate goal of what we do.

The CMIT Process

Our process starts with assessing and creating an inventory of your technology.  We run tools and, most importantly, TALK to you and ask you questions.  We’ll talk your staff, your other vendors, even your accountant.  We are looking for two things: data and downtime risks.

Gone are the days of data living just in your office.  In today’s internet enabled world, data is getting scattered all over the place.  Sure it’s in your office, but it also may be on smart phones, laptops, tablets, home machines, cloud storage services with DropBox or a Google drive.  We learn about your business and inventory the equipment regardless of location that has a circuit board.

The CMIT Management Platform

Your technology is then on boarded to our management platform.  The platform allows us to monitor, track and most importantly perform proactive services on your technology in an automated fashion.  The investments we have made into this platform, trained engineers, and process allow us to accomplish this affordably for our clients because its exception based.  The software does the routine every day jobs of applying updates, updating anti-virus and analyzing messages written by software programs.  This information then goes up to an intelligent knowledge base and will generate an alert to the engineering team to “check it out”.

The CMIT Team

But that’s not all, we don’t just rely on technology blindly, we’ve created the CMIT Solutions special sauce, our processes and technology specialists.  Our team members think and create management and monitoring routines about the aspects of your business that are unique.  This may mean we add a human based check on something at predetermined intervals.  Over the years we have found that not everything can be triggered by automation; sometimes it takes a human being, a trained experienced professional to check on something periodically.  Because we are focused on protecting data and reducing downtime you get more reliable and secure systems.

Your Productivity

This bring us to our last mission, productivity.  Your productivity.  If you can stay focused on your business, products and clients and don’t waste time on a computer problem, you will be more productivity.  Technology need to serve us, not the other way around.  Technology should be transparent, it should work seamlessly, reliably and be dependable.  It will never be a 100% perfect, why?  Because of people.  That’s why we spend time each month reviewing what people are calling for and implementing new processes to make the people more productive.

Finally, each environment is reviewed and assessed on a regular basis; at least yearly.  Because we work with dozens even hundred of environments, we have the unique ability to compare and contrast.  What is working somewhere else, what upgrades are being done, is it time for the latest technology trend to be fit into the fabric of your technology to keep it performing at it peak.

That’s what the CMIT Solutions Advantage is — our “special sauce” that works for you.

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