Office 365 Embraces Third Party Software Integration

third party apps office 365Business today leans heavily on the concept of collaboration.

Getting many people to work together is more efficient than each working apart. The same can be said for software.

Traditionally, each piece of software has had its own unique purpose with very little connection to other applications. Today, however, software companies are seeing more and more value in offering integration opportunities.

Third-Party Apps for Office 365

A whole host of third party apps can integrate with Microsoft Office 365. These programs provide such services as assisting in data migration, boosting security, adding monitoring opportunities, and streamlining uploads and downloads.

Introducing App Permissions

Office 365 now offers App Permissions, a part of Advanced Security Management, to securely manage integration of third party apps. Previously, individual users could give permission for these apps to access their data. On the upside, it meant users could immediately begin work with the new apps without waiting for an IT administrator to approve every request for permission.  The downside of this arrangement, however, is fairly obvious: the average user doesn’t know which apps are secure and what permissions company policy says can be given. The truth is many users don’t even read the entire permission list before hitting “Accept.”

To address this issue, Office 365 has granted IT administrators several helpful tools through App Permissions:

  • First, they aren’t forced to let users authorize third party apps. They can simply turn the option off.
  • Second, Office 365 tracks which users have granted which permissions to which apps. The admin can quickly review this data and, if necessary, revoke permissions if he or she sees fit. It will even send a message to every involved user explaining why they have lost access to that particular app.


In a data driven world, getting software to work together is an effective and time saving tool. Manually moving data from one program to the next also offers a host of complications that can be avoided by getting applications to directly communicate. But it has to be done securely. Your data is valuable and you should always have strict control over who and what has access to it.

App Permissions for Microsoft Office 365 allows users to get the tools they need while simultaneously helping administrators keep track of what software is accessing your data.

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