CMIT Large Area Wi-Fi

Large Area Wi-FiWork anywhere – be anywhere – stay connected anywhere. Large area Wi-Fi from CMIT Solutions of Stamford makes mobility and productivity easy, secure, and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Do you have a network device (computer, laptop, tablet, printer, etc.) that’s hard to reach? Is it expensive or unsightly to run a cable? Do you experience disconnects or a weak signal? If so, CMIT large area Wi-Fi is your answer!

Wi-Fi in the Office

Large area Wi-Fi breaks the cables that once tethered workers to their desks. With large area Wi-Fi, workers are empowered to move about the office while staying connected on all their devices. Workers can come together and cluster wherever work takes them.

Move from private offices to a conference room with that spreadsheet open. Stay connected to that phone call while walking to a meeting. Take that customer’s order while stopping to confer with a colleague. Connectivity is no longer an option, it’s essential to doing business today. With technology from CMIT Solutions of Stamford, it’s all possible!

Wi-Fi in the Warehouse

Large area Wi-Fi transforms cluttered, paper-based warehouses into clean, modern, efficient “product highways”.

In a Wi-Fi enabled warehouse, people and products move effortlessly from station to station. The Wi-Fi network manages and tracks each and every interaction. Wireless tablets and phone headsets allow managers and supervisors to move freely while remaining connected to the network. And products tagged with RFID (radio frequency identification) can always be located and accounted for.

Large area Wi-Fi not only increases efficiency and productivity, it reduces shrinkage – the tendency for merchandise to disappear from the warehouse. CMIT Solutions of Stamford can perform a free site inspection and recommend the best technology for your needs!

Wi-Fi Outdoors

Large area Wi-Fi provides a singular, efficient connectivity solution in areas that once required users to discover their own.

On campuses, railroad platforms, parks and picnic grounds – anywhere large numbers of users congregate over open spaces, large area Wi-Fi delivers clean, clear, high-speed connectivity without the need for costly cellular data coverage.

As with indoor installations, outdoor large area Wi-Fi access points can be joined together in a “mesh”, providing the ability to go beyond the service range of each individual access point. The resulting connectivity web can span many miles if needed.

Today, mobile users are now demanding wireless access to the Internet from all their devices. Wireless capability is a consideration now when users choose hotels, coffee shops, even recreational facilities.

Large area Wi-Fi allows users to stay productive, share, talk, collaborate, feel more comfortable, and be safer than ever before. As the Internet evolves and more products become “smart devices”, large area Wi-Fi will provide the backbone of connectivity that enables our homes, places of business, and outdoor spaces to serve each of us better than before.

Key Benefits

  • CMIT W-Fi solutions are superior and outperform other Wi-Fi solutions, due to specially selected hardware, configuration and services
  • CMIT Wi-Fi works where other Wi-Fi solutions fail to provide a GREAT end user experience
  • CMIT Wi-Fi is especially effective in situations where there is considerable “wireless noise” (many devices broadcasting and devices searching for signals)
  • CMIT Wi-Fi includes load balancing, security and reporting features unparalleled by other solutions
  • CMIT Wi-Fi is cost effective – the Cadillac of Wi-Fi solutions, the cost of a Toyota
  • CMIT Wi-Fi solutions can be expanded to include an advertising platform providing marketing and communications to people that connect to the Wi-Fi


Take the first step

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